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Bee Safe (suitable for 3 - 7 years old)

  • The animated film aims to make young children aware of the potential dangers in and around the home and actions likely to expose them and others to the dangers of electricity.
  • Our hero 'Bee Safe', a bee with super powers, rescues and enlightens fellow bees about the benefits and potential dangers of electricity.
  • The film draws on the parallel between electricity and a bee conveying that both are useful, but have a sting in the tail.
  • The message of the film is that children should treat electricity with respect. A catchy song reinforces the key safety messages.

Running time approx 10 minutes

Bee Safe


Dangerous Close Up (suitable for 7 - 11 years old)

Please be aware that the film acts out the type of tragic accident that can happen if people get too close to electrical equipment and includes a flash and loud bang

  • The film is a drama that warns children about the potential dangers of interfering with electrical equipment carrying high voltage electricity from the power station to their home.
  • The dangers are emphasised in the plot by Harry who used his father's digital camera to get pictures for his electricity project.
  • Following the dramatic ending a number of incidents involving outside electrical equipment are shown.

Running time approx 17 minutes

Dangerous Close Up

The Electric Detective (suitable for 7 -11 years old)

  • The Electric Detective uses an exciting mixture of music, dramatic sequences and special effects to explore both the dangers and benefits of electricity in and around the home.
  • The Electric Detective character 'Max Wattage' is a street cred youth who, through musical medium of rap, introduces the potential dangers of misusing electricity in the domestic environment.

Running time approx 10 minutes

The Electric Detective